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Fuck This.

It's 3 AM. I have to be up at 8AM. I'm not tired at all... Fuck this.


Crazy Shit

Wow... This weekend had a LOT of crazy shit happen. Most of it was good though. Here's the run down.

Friday night I drove up to Seattle with a group of friends to see the premier of a new Kayak movie, Hotel Charley 3: The Lost World. Even though I don't Kayak it was still really cool to watch, plus the people who made the movie were they, so it was fun to talk to them about their Kayaking experiences across the globe. Friday night was also the night I was informed that I received the Assistant Director of Technology Services position for my school! Now I have work this summer!!!

Saturday and Sunday were somewhat lazy days. I was able to get some web design work done for the studio. I also was brought on as a volunteer web designer for Multi Axis Games. Currently their site is in need of a bit of help, and since I like what they're doing I figured I'd help out. If you're into MMORPGs you should check out what they're doing.

Monday and Tuesday were spent on homework and the like, but Tuesday night I had dinner with Jen Bohn from WaMu and we talked about business networking. It was really interesting to learn about the many different ways that people network and the importance of building a network. If you want to check out my Linked In profile you can do so here.

Tomorrow, I'm attending a conference call, because a site which I've designed for Elite Dance Academy, has been selected as an example for a nation wide call discussing site design for dance studios. It's a really big honor and I hope to get a lot out of it.

Well, that's it for now folks!

Techy Stuff... Well Kinda

So... 4/20 went well. I'm definitely taking a break from smoking for a while to give my lungs a rest. I've already got a pretty bad cough and I don't really want to exacerbate that. Today I took some time to work on the programming problem that I received as part of an interview. I applied to be Assistant Director of Technology Services for my school and they wanted to see how quickly we would be able to learn new programming languages. The language my problem was in was Python.

If you're not familiar with Python, then your in the same boat as I am. Apparently, Python is an extremely high-level language, much akin to any scripting language. It's not bad to work with at all, quite simple actually. I found myself having issues with the fact that there really aren't any statement ending characters. All of the statements are broken up entirely with line breaks and tabs instead. With a lot of digging through the documentation (which isn't as good as the Java documentation, IMO) I was finally able to finish the problem and turn it in! Wish me luck!

Other than that, not a lot is new. I have quite a few meetings to go to this week, plus with school ending for the summer in three weeks, there's a lot of research and last minute research that I've got to get done, so hopefully I'll get another post here later this week.


So, this week went by really fast. I realized that I need to get more involved here because I've been really bored and unmotivated recently. I would really like to get a Network Security club started here at UPS over the summer and I'm also hoping that the two jobs that I put in for come through. How sick would it be to work as a Web Designer for the school? Also, this Sunday is 4/20 so we'll see how that goes.

Today in my International Political Economy Class we touched on the Female Marginalization Thesis which believes that modern economies and industrialization are harmful to women's social status. While I would agree that aspects of industrialization can be harmful, on a whole it's much better. One of the main arguments of this thesis is that industrialization creates a "triple burden" for women: the burden of having children, the burden of nurturing a family and then working on top of that. While this may be true, a growing economy can help ease these burdens too. Is there really any merit in this theory?


This story is crazy. I can't believe that someone would actually do this! California would be the start of it all, but I'm sure it will pop up somewhere else soon. It kinda looks like cotton candy, don't you think. Would you try it?


Don't you hate it when you don't feel like doing much of anything? Today has been a really productive day, but now that everything is done I don't really want to do anything else. I was feeling kinda sick the past couple of days, but I got a decent amount of sleep for the first time in weeks last night. I'm feeling pretty good now.

Just as an aside, and for something to talk about, I must say that I love my computer. I have a MacBook Pro running Window's Vista Ultimate. I'm an extremely experienced computer user and am studying Computer Science as one of my majors, so I feel that I have some say in the whole Windows/not Windows fight. Vista fixes most of the problems that it causes itself, so even when there is a problem, it gets fixed for me. Plus, the hardware in MacBooks are quite nice, and with the three year warranty, there's not a whole lot I have to worry about in terms of technical problems.

Well, I think that's really all the effort that I've got in me currently, so....


I wrote a poem today and showed it to a couple of friends, who seemed to like it. Wouldn't being a poet be the coolest thing? I wish there was someway to record every thought I've ever had, and then sift through them and find my most poetic thoughts. Would they be dark or would be cheerful? It would just be interesting to see.

In the mean time, not a whole lot's going on in life. I'm feeling pretty crappy now because my allergies kicked in at the same time I caught a cold and began getting headaches from caffeine withdrawls because I'm trying to quit. Also, I don't think it helps that my contacts have been in for like three months solid. I should really take them out tonight. Tomorrow's going to be busy. I've got quite a bit of work to get done, plus a BLP seminar in the evening. Luckily on Thursday I only have one class.

I worked on my finances today and found out that I am going to have to take out quit a bit in loans, but that's okay. I'm actually probably going to have a car this summer, which will be nice. My job is on campus though, so I don't really need it for work. Also, the insurance is going to be really high most likely, so I'm looking forward to that.

It looks like tonight is going to be the first night since Saturday that it's been cloudy... It was nice being able to watch the phases of the moon for a bit.